Community Service

At Celtic, community service is as important as customer service. Our community service allow Celtic’s partners (employees) and customers to connect and tap into shared interests to provide a helping hand and create meaningful opportunities that can strengthen individuals and communities.

Celtic - CPR Reg


We first teamed with the professionals at McMaster University, Canada in 2015 to develop mobile application for CPR training. Our contributions to this successful implementation helped us present Celtic – CPR to the American Heart Association and Stanford University. Celtic – CPR can be downloaded for no charge from Google Play.
Version for iOS is coming soon. Read more..

IRP Fee Estimator

The Celtic Fee Estimator is a tool to help commercial carriers and jurisdictions estimate the fees associated with registering apportioned vehicles based on various factors, including the distance associated with the jurisdictions of travel. It provides a "benchmark” to rely upon for measuring the accuracy of fee calculations. This tool is available, on the IRP, Inc. Website.