We’ve forged strategic partnerships with leading companies to extend the value of our offerings to our customers. We're proud of the difference we’ve been able to make thanks to our valued partners.

We work closely with Infosys Public Services (Infosys), for business opportunities in the Motor Vehicle arena.

We first teamed with the Center for Advanced Public Safety (or CAPS) in 2007 for the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) modernization project. Our contributions to this successful implementation included our CTS-IRP, CTS-IFTA, and CTS-CVIEW products. Based on the success of ADOR's modernization 9 years ago, we've been asked by CAPS to join forces on a re-modernization of ADOR's systems.

We are proud to be an official IBM Business Partner. IBM has sought out our motor carrier products and expertise since 2009, to provide the best solutions for Arkansas and Pennsylvania's modernization projects. For Ontario's modernization project, IBM was our subcontractor providing project management support services.

We've teamed with Deloitte for business opportunities in the Motor Vehicle arena.

We've teamed with MorphoTrust for business opportunities in the Motor Vehicle arena.

We work closely with our sister company in India, Celtic Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CSPL), to support and develop our product line.

We are an official Esri Partner, and utilize their ArcGIS product to power the routing functionality in CTS-PARS.

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