Celtic Systems Pvt. Ltd. recognizes user privacy as vital and is committed to maintaining utmost integrity about the user information we collect or use.


Cookies are small text files that, like most other Web servers, are placed in your device that you use to access our website. This is done to recognize your device during a session or in your future visits to our website, primarily in order to provide an improved user experience.

Types of Cookies We Use

Session cookies

Session cookies, also known as Temporary Cookies, aids websites to recognise users and the information provided when they navigate through a website. Session cookies only retain information about a user's activities for as long as they are on the website. They help users navigate the website while enabling them to access secure website pages when logged in. Once the user closes the web browser, the cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies, also known as Permanent Cookies, are stored on a user’s device even after a browsing session is terminated. It aids to recall user preferences, credentials or actions. Persistent cookies are used for various purposes including retaining visitor’s language and regional preference(s) at the end of each browsing session. For instance, persistent cookies store user credentials allowing them to avoid re-entering the details next time they try to login. The user’s browser may accept the cookies by default depending on the settings and type of web browser in use. The user can change the browser settings to delete existing cookies or prevent future cookies from being automatically accepted. In case of disabled cookies, certain pages/features of our website may be unavailable/non-functional. For more information about cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are installed by third-party service providers with an aim to collate user information such as demographics, browsing activities, assets downloaded, etc. The information gathered is primarily used by advertisers to ensure their products and services are targeted towards the right audience. For more information on how third-party sites collect and utilize your information, please refer to their privacy and cookie policies on their websites. You may change your preferences or web browser settings to control how your information is collected and used.

Manage your Cookies

Users can manage or block cookies by adjusting the browser setting. However, note that by blocking cookies our website may not be able to provide you with an optimal web experience and some of the features may not function as expected. You may remove the previously stored cookies by manually deleting them from your device at any time.