CTS-Cash™ is a standalone cash drawer and financial module enabling the collection of funds for transactions across multiple applications.


It is your one stop web-based solution for your cash management requirements. It calculates fees or interfaces with other applications that will provide fees, accept multiple payment types and interface with the inventory system to generate a credential along with a receipt for the appropriate transaction. Features include:

  • Payment Management
  • Statement Management
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation
  • Adjustments
  • Distributions
  • Consolidations
  • Fund Allocations
  • Escrow
  • NSF
  • Refunds
  • Interfaces to jurisdiction financial system
  • Complete cash management workflow:
    • Creating a business day
    • Opening a cash drawer for each user
    • Collecting payments
    • Closing cash drawer
    • Reconciling the payments per location
    • Depositing the payments per locations
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • End of day reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting