CTS-Drive™ is a driver licensing system that initiates the collection of applicant information required to process a new driver license.

CTS-Drive is a driver licensing system

The system will perform a customer search to see if the customer exists in the system or navigate to the new customer screen and collect the customer details along with any documents that need to be scanned into the system repository.

The system automatically kicks off the necessary background checks to SSOLV for Social Security checking, SAVE (Immigration) and AAMVA EVVE for birth Certificate validation to ensure the validity of the customer information. Users are prompted to enter restrictions, endorsements, medical codes, collect any required documents and schedule the applicant for the relevant exam depending on the license type. Payment can be made immediately or place it in a cart for payment at a later time with one check or other payment types.

CTS-Drive System Features:

CTS-Drive is a driver licensing system
  • Generates all types of driver credentials after analyzing driver’s records and history and collecting all the required documents and fees
    • Graduated Driver License, Instruction Permit, Commercial and non-Commercial Driver License
    • Identity Card
  • Captures and tracks all the driver records including Convictions, Points, Accidents, and based on business rules will automatically initiate the necessary actions:
    • Sending warning, generating suspension records, or reinstatement on suspension
  • Provides interfaces to authorized third parties to obtain driver records
  • Allows the applicants to schedule appointments online

CTS-Drive interfaces with your existing card issuance system receiving information from workstations and delivering requests to the issuance module as required for over the counter issuance or batch processing requirements.